Drink Up For A Healthier America

Identify your best audience to drive motivation & campaign success 


As part of her Let’s Move! initiative, former First Lady Michelle Obama set out to end childhood obesity and promote health and wellness. She teamed up with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to launch a campaign encouraging Americans to drink more water, more often. The Drink Up campaign was challenged with understanding how to effectively market a common necessity – water – to the American public. 


To succeed in finding key consumers according to health attitudes and behaviors, Claritas had to answer the following questions:

  • – Who would be most interested in learning about health and wellness? ​
  • – Of those people, who would be willing to act towards adopting a healthier lifestyle for their children and themselves? ​
  • – What is the best method to cut through the noise to deliver a clear and actionable message of drinking more water, more often? ​
  • – How is the campaign ultimately resonating with the Drink Up audience?

Using Claritas PRIZM® segmentation, we developed an understanding of the behaviors and lifestyle preferences of three segments as being the optimal audience for the campaign – Fence Sitters, Well Beings, and Eat, Drink & Be Merrys. Claritas also located 20 DMAs that were most likely to contain the Drink Up key audience and PHA leveraged this information to connect with city mayors and local appointed officials in these areas, so we could effectively deliver the campaign message to the Drink Up audience. PHA used Claritas Digital and alliance, ValueClick, to buy digital media against these three key segments and conducted a campaign message across three types of media – TV, online, and social media. 


61 million people reached via TV shows​

69 million engaged in Twitter conversations

$944K in incremental retail sales of bottled water in the first two quarters of the campaign


Custom segmentation audiences provided the precision and efficiency they required, plus the ability to use their own custom segments to target across media channels. Claritas turned data insights into data intelligence that can be used to inform customer acquisition strategy, messaging, media buying, market planning and distribution.​

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