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5 Ways an Identity Graph Can Boost Your Bottom Line

In today’s multichannel world, it’s harder than ever to engage consumers.

Especially since the average consumer interacts with more than eight social media accounts and has around two email accounts. And the average American uses more than 10 connected household devices and pays for three streaming services.

So how can today’s marketer reach the right prospects via the right channels?

The answer is simpler than you might think. Just one tool can help you identify your best prospects, reach them where they’re likely to engage AND figure out exactly which elements of your campaign are working – all using privacy-compliant consumer data.

That tool is an identity graph.

Here are five ways an intelligent identity graph can boost your bottom line:

ROI Booster #1: Find prospects likely to respond to your campaign

An intelligent identity graph contains comprehensive demographic and behavior insights that make it easy to identify prospects that look like your current best customers – and thus are more likely to buy from you.

Case in point: When ImOn Communications turned to Claritas to help it find better prospects, ImOn reduced its cost-per-lead by 27% and its cost-per-sale by 40%.

ROI Booster #2: Identify anonymous prospects that are already engaging with you

An intelligent identity graph can help you reach a lucrative group of prospects you may be ignoring today: Visitors to your website or your store, many of which remain anonymous. When combined with website pixel and geofencing/location data, an identity graph allows you to easily identify and retarget those prospects.

When Claritas used geofencing and identity graph data to help the MNI Targeted Media agency retarget in-market consumers for an auto repair services client, MNI delivered 3 million new impressions and a 15% click through rate for its client.

ROI Booster #3: Deliver your message where your prospects spend their time

Once you’ve identified your best prospects, an intelligent identity graph can also help you determine the best way to reach them. It can tell you if your clients prefer LinkedIn or Facebook… which email address they check more often… whether they’re Netflix or Hulu watchers… how to successfully target your Google Ads… or how to reach them via direct mail.

When Claritas helped Alltru Credit Union deliver highly targeted Facebook and Google Ads, Alltru increased its website visitor traffic by 632% and converted 100 new customers in just three months.

ROI Booster #4: Measure which channels and messages are working the best

Of course, not all identity graphs are the same – particularly when it comes to measurement. The Claritas Identity Graph can precisely measure how specific aspects of your campaign – including message, online and offline media channel, and even media partner – perform. Thanks to its robust identity graph and its unique lift methodology, Claritas can even help clients link online and offline channels.

Consider this example: Using Claritas proprietary tools, Wrapify proved that its wrapped vehicle billboards delivered a 20% boost in online flight bookings for its client Alaska Airlines.

ROI Booster #5: Optimize your campaign to generate more sales

Once you know what’s working and what’s not, it’s time to pivot. You need the ability to quickly onboard new messages and channels – including email, social media, direct mail, display, podcast and more. This allows you to quickly modify your marketing plan to boost sales by focusing on the messages and channels that are performing the best.

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