Claritas Platforms

In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses require competitive insights on demand to make quick and strategic decisions. Claritas’ range of industry-leading self-service and managed platforms are designed with those needs in mind.

Access Claritas’ full suite of data-driven insights with the click of a button. Find everything from proprietary segmentation, to unmatched cultural insights, anonymous website visitor data, and more, at your fingertips.

Run reports, query results, and visualize insights with Claritas’ range of platforms. Whether you’re a novice or a power user, access a wide breadth and depth of data when you need it, in formats that seamlessly fit all business scenarios – from an internal team call presentation, to a formal advertising campaign strategy, to the boardroom, and beyond. With flexible subscription options, we make it simple for you to access only the insights that matter to your business while accommodating an extensive range of budgets.

Claritas 360

Claritas 360 is an intuitive web-based application for quick and seamless analysis of your customer data and markets, enabling you to find customers faster and increase ROI. Simplified workflows guide you through your analysis so you can easily interact with and explore data and our best-of-breed mapping technology helps you visualize data in formats that transition seamlessly from platform to a presentation.

  • Append data, like our industry-leading segmentation, to your customer files
  • Perform detailed analysis of consumers and markets
  • Execute successful marketing campaign strategies
  • Acquire new customers and create retention programs leveraging demographic and behavioral insights


Claritas Geoscape® Intelligence System (GIS) is an online SaaS system designed for business professionals who need quick and easy access to robust data. The agile, intuitive platform delivers a simplified and personalized approach to analytics by empowering users to rapidly extract powerful data and actionable insights for business growth.

  • Analyze retail trade areas and uncover market potential via a range of reports and graphs
  • Understand residential demographics and media preferences
  • Access consumer and business lists for targeted outreach campaigns
  • Identify where your target groups of consumers are concentrated and where you should focus your marketing resources
  • Enrich your customer records with cultural, geographic, demographic, economic, life stage, and lifestyle indicator appends


Fueled by the Claritas Identity Graph, the Claritas AudienceAnywhere® platform uses an integrated process that features both industry-leading insight data and cross-channel linkage capabilities to increase your conversions and grow your business knowledge with your ideal audiences.

  • Analyze your anonymous website visitor traffic and retarget them across channels to increase conversions
  • Precisely link existing audiences and website visitors, or identify and build new audiences and reach them at scale across channels
  • View near real-time metrics on how many people you can engage with in each channel
  • Optimize campaigns leveraging attribution reporting to analyze which multichannel exposures have the most impact in contributing to online and offline engagements and conversions

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