Are You “Customer Centric” Enough?

When looking for that “next big thing,” marketers need look no further than embracing a customer centric attitude for their business model and subsequent go-to-market strategy. But what does that mean in today’s environment? The pandemic has potentially forever changed consumer behavior, and one such repercussion of that for marketers has been an even more critical eye when it comes to where consumers spend their money and who with.

On this episode of The Marketing Insider, we welcome Tim Trull and Sean Rogers from the ad agency Lavidge as they share what it means to be customer centric, major mistakes marketers are making in their quest to be more customer centric, and how companies with a large market share adapt behind the scenes, both to maintain their profitable status and put their customers at the center of their go-to-market strategy. Plus, we welcome back Jeff Bickel from Claritas, who explains how an identity graph can play a part in winning and gaining loyal customers, and why the cookie-less future and other privacy regulations don’t necessarily mean a marketing apocalypse is on the horizon.

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