Cash Free Convenience: Why Purchase Cards Are An Advertiser’s Dream

Marketers know they should be measuring performance and optimizing their campaigns, but it’s still something so many struggle with. With 80% of consumers saying they prefer to spend with a card over paying in cash, measurement has actually become easier to track, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a priority.

On this episode of The Marketing Insider, we welcome back Omer Jilani, Claritas VP of Sales. This is Omer’s third appearance on the podcast, for good reason. He simplifies measurement for marketers and provides tips for how to unlock actual customer purchase data, eliminate unnecessary media waste, and optimize campaigns in-flight. In addition to sharing the benefits of measuring ad campaign performance tied to purchase (credit and debit) card spend, Omer advises what you should look for in a measurement partner. He also gives the hard truth on whether you need to outsource for help.

Once you finish listening to the podcast, check out the What is Campaign Attribution? video, here. This 5-minute video is the first in a series where we break down All Things Measurement.

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