Census 2020: The Gold Standard of Demographic Data?

Despite the collection having been completed nearly two years ago, Census 2020 is still on every marketer’s mind. It also doesn’t help that there have been reports of population undercounts and delays in data releases. This month on The Marketing Insider | A Claritas Podcast, we’re joined by Claritas Sr. Demographer, Rachel Cortes, and Sr. Product Strategy Manager, Eliza Albert. These two experts in the field of demography provide answers to the lingering questions heard from peers in the industry, general marketers, clients, and the everyday consumer about the Census.

Tune in to the episode for a refresher on just how important census data is, get an update on what data is available and what’s been delayed, and understand how data providers and the U.S. Census Bureau plan to deal with the fact that there were major undercounts of multicultural populations in certain geographies. Plus, they weigh in on whether or not the Census really is still the gold standard of demographic data. Missed our recent blog, Making Sense of Census 2020 Data? Check it out, here.

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