Data Science, Simplified

This month on The Marketing Insider | A Claritas Podcast we’re joined by the VP of Data Science, Sarah Anderson, to discuss that very topic – Data Science. It’s one where, if you’re not immersed in that world, it may seem overwhelming or very technical, but Sarah has a way of breaking it down so it’s easily digestible for marketers of all levels of knowledge.

Listen to the 20(ish) minute episode to hear Sarah answer questions like:

– What is data science and what qualities does a well-rounded data science team possess?
– In what scenarios would a data scientist need to meet with the clients their work serves?
– How do data science teams collaborate within their own organization and why is it important to have a data science team if you’re in the data-driven marketing industry?
– Does data science work differently when supporting B2B solutions versus B2C?
– How does AI fit into data science now, and what can we expect in the future?

Are you ready to know more?