Going Beyond the Surface with the Black Consumer Market

February marks the annual celebration of Black History Month. It’s also a reminder of the work brands still need to do to reach the Black consumer market. Listen in as Ron Cohen, VP of Practice Leadership at Claritas, returns to The Marketing Insider | A Claritas Podcast. He shares the data behind how this segment has changed over time. In addition, Ron talks about how to create informed, hyperlocal targeting campaigns that authentically connect with consumers.

Lydia Smith, Chief Diversity Officer of Victoria’s Secret also joins the podcast for her first appearance. She describes how the mega brand has evolved to be more inclusive of their diverse customer base. This includes a recent rebrand right around the time she joined the team. Aside from the DEI efforts Victoria’s Secret continues to undertake, Lydia explains why connecting with Black consumers, in particular, needs to move beyond surface level, and shares tips for how to achieve this – starting with internal company evaluations.

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