Why Measurement Will Be Key In 2023 (And Beyond!)

As we close the chapter on 2022, marketers across the country are in a state of planning and evaluation. What campaigns performed above expectation? Which ones underperformed? Were you able to truly understand the impact of your marketing efforts, with accurate measurement solutions?

In our final episode of our 2022 season, podcast favorite Omer Jilani joins us. He talks about the advances in the measurement space – from podcast advertising to digital audio, CPG, and even purchase cards. In addition, Omer shares details on what Claritas has focused on this year, why measurement will be key, and where we see the industry heading.

We also introduce Paul Riismandel to the podcast. The Sr. Director of Marketing and Insights at SXM Media has decades of experience that has helped SXM’s clients achieve success in channels that may be new to them, like podcasting. Paul also clues marketers in on how to connect listeners in meaningful ways through digital channels, and talks extensively about the role diversity has in podcasting, including how SXM champions diversity through their sponsorships and collaborations.

Are you ready to know more?