U.S. Consumer Electronics:  What is the Future?

Smart Home Technology, Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, The Metaverse … each of these technological advancements is quickly becoming a part of our every day lives in the form of our consumer electronics. This key market refers to electronic products that are intended for individual use, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, game consoles and other household appliances. The growth of e-commerce, and the increasing emphasis on entertainment and connectivity continue to drive expansion in consumer electronics. However, as we have seen over the last couple of years, consumer preferences and market dynamics can change quickly. It is important to keep abreast of shifting consumer trends, your own customer demands and where growth and the most favorable ROI opportunities lie.

This infographic takes a look at some of these trends and the response by various key audience segments. View the video below or download U.S. Consumer Electronics: What is the Future PDF.

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