Understanding the Financial Behaviors of Today’s Consumers

By understanding the financial behaviors of today’s consumers, you are better positioned to meet them where and when they want to be engaged.  In our latest insights sheet, we examine the current financial attitudes and behaviors of select household segments in the U.S. We do this through the lens of Claritas P$YCLE® Premier, segmentation built for financial marketers. This data will help you stay compliant with regulations, and help you maintain a competitive advantage while keeping up with demand.

You can use segmentation with confidence knowing that it is built for the long term. The structures of our models are built on a foundation that accommodates changes, such as inflation on an annual basis. Any downturn in the market, like what is expected from COVID-19, is handled by our segmentation models. Therefore, the P$YCLE® Premier segmentation model and segment definitions will not change due to the pandemic. All Claritas segmentation solutions put the most affluent people in the first few segments. You can absolutely use this information to find the customers or members that are most in need of your assistance at this time, or most likely to respond to specific product or service offers.

Download our 2021 financial insights sheet to learn the following, and more:

– The current challenges faced by financial marketers
– Behaviors wealthy P$YCLE Premier segments engage in to maintain their socioeconomic status
– Spend habits of P$YCLE Premier segments with low incomes, when faced with a financial emergency
– Segment reach by channel, so you know where to invest your marketing dollars heavily

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