Fireside Chat | The Asian American Market with AAAZA, Inc.

May marks Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month. To celebrate, we’ve invited Jay Kim, President of AAAZA, Inc. to join us for a fireside chat. Jay’s agency helps brands authentically engage with multicultural consumers and uncover the behaviors that make them unique. With a cultural expertise that bridges divides and helps brands reach some of the most sought-after markets, listen as Jay answers questions like:

– What feedback do AAPI communities have regarding the marketing directed towards them? What do they wish brands did more or less of?
– Which channels tend to overperform with AAPI communities, and does that vary depending on generation or acculturation?
– What data, insights, and tools do multicultural agencies like AAAZA rely on to help their brands reach and engage the highly diverse AAPI consumer?
– How do new privacy laws, especially those around Sensitive Personal Information impact the way AAAZA’s go-to-market strategy for its clients?
– Which key performance indicators let brands know they are connecting with AAPI consumers, outside of product or service purchases?

Thanks again to Jay and the AAAZA, Inc. team for joining our fireside chat on the Asian American market!

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