Lifestyles & Behaviors of Today’s Hispanic Consumer Segments

With more than 63 million Hispanics in the U.S, understanding the behaviors of this fast-growing, influential consumer group is critical for marketers looking to reach them. Claritas VP of Practice Leadership, Ron Cohen, was invited by the Hispanic Marketing Council to present Claritas’ latest research on Hispanic consumers, as part of their 2022 Annual Summit’s Research Week.

Watch the shortened presentation and download the slides to gain insights across various industries to help your brand engage customers, identify your best prospects, and deliver more engaging messages to optimize campaigns and increase ROI. Expect to learn the following, and more:

– How Claritas classifies Hispanic consumers by their levels of acculturation
– Stats surrounding the population growth of Hispanic consumers
– Their retail and financial behaviors, tech habits, and insurance preferences
– Examples of banks that excel at reaching Hispanic consumers

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