Marketing the Right Deposit Products

With the economy in a state of flux, financial institutions need to ensure they’re marketing the right deposit products for consumers’ current needs. You also need to anticipate their future wants. We examined three DMAs in this infographic – Charlotte, St. Louis, and Portland. Find out what deposit products households in these geographies are interested in so you can market your matching offers to the right audiences. Furthermore, understand related financial attitudes and the channels potential customers prefer to engage with or be engaged through. All of the insights in this infographic are viewed through the lens of Claritas P$YCLE Premier.

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What do we showcase in this infographic?

– Which households in various geographies currently have CDs and therefore may be in the market for more
– The financial attitudes of households in the Charlotte DMA, in addition to why they switch primary financial institutions
– The banks that have the largest share of households in the Portland, Charlotte, and St. Louis DMAs. We can help you run this same analysis on the U.S. geographies that matter most to you.
– The income ranges of households in the geographies analyzed, and “pro tips” to help ensure you’re reaching and serving your entire community or area of service
– The channel preferences of households in the Portland DMA to ensure you don’t waste precious marketing budget trying to reach potential customers where they won’t see your message

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