The Imperative of Multichannel Marketing in Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is characterized by innovative technology and out-of-the-box thinking. With the forecast of economic uncertainty, it is imperative that your marketing efforts follow the same inventive path. That includes a multichannel marketing approach as part of a complete, close-looped marketing strategy.

The first step  in an effective multichannel marketing strategy is gaining a true understanding of your customers – their demographics, preferences, buying behaviors, and how and when they consume information. We  examined 3 of the 53 Claritas syndicated audiences within ConneXions®, a segmentation tool designed specifically for the technology and telecommunications industry.  For diverse representation, we chose 3 groups,  each with a mid-high technology use but different in their life stage and income level.

Learn more about these diverse groups, their technology preferences, and the three steps to an effective, multichannel campaign strategy within telecommunications.

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