Studios vs. Streamers: The Consumer Entertainment Battle

The global streaming market is expected to reach $440B+ by 2030, quickly catching & surpassing movie theater revenue, which is projected to reach under $170B in the same period.

While movie theaters have traditionally been the holy grail for studios, the wide range of available streaming platforms might make you rethink which channel has the potential to be the breakout star for your success. In our new infographic series, we highlight the general landscape of the entertainment industry and share select Claritas PRIZM® Premier segments that show a high likelihood to engage with content, plus we give tips on how to turn these insights into action. So who will win the epic battle for consumer entertainment? It’s studios vs. streamers!

Infographic #1

Streaming Platforms vs. Theaters

What do we showcase in this infographic?

– Which video streaming mobile app is the highest-grossing in the U.S.
– How the pandemic affected the box office and how it can bounce back
– Whether COVID-19 is still impacting consumer entertainment decisions
– How to hone in on consumer enclaves that match your target audience
– What the movie theater opportunity looks like around the U.S.

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Infographic #2

Studios & Streamers

Some of the PRIZM® Premier segments showcased in this infographic are…

– 100% more likely to see movies on the opening weekend
– 139% more likely to pay for movies through VOD
– 56% more likely to stream movies
– 46% more likely to feel safe going to movies vaccinated

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