Multicultural Telecom

Large media company helps Telecom client connect with the right bi-cultural Asian consumers across digital channels


A large media company, acting on behalf of their telecommunications client, wanted to reach bi-cultural Asian consumers and reach them across the right digital channels.​ Identifying Asian consumers based on basic demographics is easy, but to get their campaign to scale, they needed to understand their audience’s acculturation and country of origin to develop the right mix of messages and creative (in language), to resonate with specific Asian audiences.


Using Claritas Asianicity™ CultureCodes®, the media company was able to understand the acculturation, country of origin, language preference and lifestyle behaviors of the bi-cultural Asian segment AA3, a segment characterized as being bi-lingual; immigrant as a child; and having many Asian cultural practices. In focusing in on this audience, our client was able to deploy digital display ads that performed 2-3x above the industry average of 0.06%, with an overall CTR of 0.13% with a high of 0.32%. Findings from this campaign showed the top performing creatives with the highest engagements depended greatly on the country of origin, as well as the acculturation of the audience. This knowledge helped inform future creative development, along with optimization of other campaign elements to maximize ROI. ​


3-4x above the industry average CTR's above 0.2%

4-7x increase in engagements through conversions


The more precisely and accurately you build your audiences, the more effective your online and offline marketing can be. Claritas’ proprietary segmentations can add an unrivalled depth and detail so you can have the most complete picture of your best customers and prospects.

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