Norsan Media

Norsan Media proves how important Hispanic audiences can be for advertisers


Norsan Media is a media communications company that focuses on connecting clients to the emerging and rapidly expanding Hispanic market. They own and operate 28 local Spanish language radio stations, 3 Spanish language television stations, and an award-winning Spanish newspaper. In addition to media properties, Norsan Media also organizes large-scale events and festivals targeting the Hispanic community in the markets they serve.


Norsan turned to Claritas to help them identify and segment high opportunity Hispanic audiences within their coverage areas. They needed more detailed Hispanic audience insights into the demographics, acculturation, language preference, country of origin, lifestyle behaviors, media preferences, as well as consumer spending within key categories and industries. These insights were needed to provide a deeper understanding of these potential consumers, enhance internal strategy, and convince their advertising prospects that their programming would be a good ad channel for generating new revenue from untapped Hispanic audiences.


Using data modules within Claritas’ Geoscape® Intelligence System (GIS), Norsan was able to build a stronger business case to secure advertisers hoping to reach the Hispanic market in the Southeast region of the U.S. They used:
•Claritas Pop-Facts® data to understand gender, education, household income, family size and age
•Consumer Spending Dynamix data for insights into household consumer spending and buying power
•Claritas Hispanicity™CultureCodes® to understand acculturation, country of origin, and language preferences


Using Claritas data and insights, not only was Norsan able to help their customers expand into new regions and territories, Norsan was able to enhance two business verticals with incremental revenue (health and government) and one new product offering (direct mail) which is scalable for all markets


Norsan was able to use these data insights to build a stronger business case to secure advertising prospects.

Norsan customers were able to expand into new regions and territories including Texas.

Enhanced business within the health and government verticals and created new product offerings including direct mail.


Understanding the unique behaviors and attitudes of the multicultural consumer is essential for success in the US. Claritas is the only company that allows marketers to have high-def portraits of their multicultural audiences based on race, country-of-origin, life stage, socioeconomic status, psychographics, on- and offline purchasing behaviors, and social and media consumption.

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