General Motors

GM increases KPIs with AI Personalization


General Motors, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, wanted to increase website visits using a robust video advertising campaign. Understanding which creative messaging resonated with audiences was critical to optimizing campaign performance.


Using Claritas’ AI Personalization, GM was able to enhance content relevance and optimize engagement based on the target audience profile. AI Personalization is an innovative approach that unifies advertisement creative and audience dynamics in real-time, utilizing advanced algorithms to dynamically tailor content based on individual user preferences and behaviors. In the case of GM, AI Personalization created 243 variations of creative ad material and optimized it to increase webpage visits by 68%.


68%increase in webpage visits

243creative ad materials generated through AI


AI Personalization works using a variety of distinctive creative elements for each campaign, AI Personalization has the potential to build millions of creative/audience pairings, using the ideal match for each impression.

As data accumulates and campaigns evolve, AI algorithms continuously optimize creative pairings, ensuring each impression is matched with the ideal creative. This level of precision and adaptability is not achievable with manual intervention.

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