Origin & Large Digital Financial Institution

Measuring the Impact of Connected TV Advertising in Driving Website Visits and Loan Applications


Origin, an award-winning creative technology company whose ad solutions help marketers reimagine how they communicate with audiences on Connected TV, has a partnership with a large digital financial institution who wanted to measure the impact that their CTV campaign had on driving website visits and loan applications. Within that, being able to independently track and attribute the performance of each of the 6 creatives Origin’s Ad Studio produced was key.


Origin worked with the client to target specific audiences using third-party data segments around credit scores, with the likelihood to be in the market for a loan and other attributes. In addition, the media was geo-targeted based on specific markets the client has previously seen success through other media channels.

Origin then used Claritas data and measurement solutions to create impression scoring to correlate the volume of media impressions to conversions. This allowed for an easy understanding of the weight of media volume against the intended outcomes and optimize in-flight to increase efficiency and reduce waste moving impressions away from less effective media.
The Fintech client also passed in user information that allowed them to understand whether engagements and conversion were attributable to new, existing or previous customers and where households exposed on CTV had already been reached via any marketing channels like email, social, direct mail, etc..
Through the use of the Claritas technology and identity graph, Origin and the Fintech client were able to directly attribute specific events and actions back to the CTV media as the primary driving factor or as a contributing factor as compared to other channels included in the media mix.

A Word From The Origin Team

“Over the last 12 months we’ve seen a significant shift in CTV ad spend move from awareness to performance. In a challenging economic climate, marketers are laser-focused on efficiency and return on their ad spend. Combining the power of Origin’s solutions with Claritas’ attribution capabilities has really allowed us to provide a depth of data (and validation) to our partners that gives them a level of confidence to grow the CTV portion of their media mix.”
– Stephen Strong, Co-Founder/COO at Origin


8,377,235 Impressions

122,963 Unique Visits

15,721 Conversions


Connected TV allows brands to go beyond measuring “eyeballs.” Instead, Connected TV allows the use of key identifiers such as IP addresses, device IDs and cookies to link specific advertisements more directly to actual conversions and/or engagements. You can then link that conversion/engagement data with demographic and behavioral data to see which types of audiences are responding. That makes it much easier to use an ROI-based approach to not only determine how many advertising dollars you should invest in Connected TV, but also to pinpoint which types of Connected TV audiences you should target.

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