Progressive Insurance

GenAI and AI Message Optimization produced gains over baseline


Progressive Corporation is a prominent American insurance company renowned for its diverse portfolio of insurance products and innovative approach to customer service and technology. Progressive reached out to Claritas to see if our Generative AI (GenAI) algorithms and models could learn patterns from their existing data and then generate new combinations that would better drive a lift in campaign performance.


Claritas initiated the campaign with Progressive by implementing Generative AI (GenAI), to produce 120 distinct versions of creative synthetic audio. Then leveraging the power of AI Personalization (AIP) to activate 96 of these variations based on the insights gained from 6 million impressions. This enabled the AI to determine which messages would perform the best with different audiences. The integration of AI not only enhanced the campaign’s effectiveness but also significantly expedited its timeline, reducing the typical three-month duration to just under eight weeks, showcasing the efficiency of integrating AIP and GenAI with human capabilities.


52%Lift in total conversions with GenAI ads.

197%Lift in campaign with AI on vs AI off.

3XMore people were exposed to GenAI ads than non-AI ads


GenAI and AIP combined resulted in a total lift of 197% in the campaign. Specifically, there was a 31% increase in quote starts when AI was utilized. Exposure to the GenAI ads tripled, and people were three times more likely to engage in the quote process, with 98% of audience, fully listening to ad. Additionally, the optimization of GenAI and AI contributed to a 4% incremental lift compared to the existing creative.

The Evolution of DCO
Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platforms are great but require significant effort to set up and manage. AI Personalization is an evolved version of DCO, moving beyond traditional decision trees and if/then logic. It leverages significant creative variation for AI to learn, providing real-time AI decision making via data signals and generating cohorts on the fly. This advanced approach ensures a more efficient and effective marketing strategy.


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