Refined Audience Targeting For Advanced TV Campaign Results In Significant Sales Lift


Centriply, an audience-first, data-driven agency in the Advanced TV space, had a travel and hospitality industry client who wanted to launch a targeted linear TV ad campaign (getting on-air 48-hours from RFP), to drive sales of ticket packages for a seasonal destination. It was also important that Centriply provided broad outcome measurement for the client, showing ROI on media dollars spent on the linear TV portion of the media plan. In this case, that meant showing the incremental sales lift that TV provided.


Using Claritas PRIZM® Premier, an audience of “outdoorsy sports enthusiasts” segments were identified for the campaign. This was based on key variables important to the client, including demographics, lifestyle behaviors, purchase preferences and geography.

Centriply further analyzed the 39M households within the “outdoorsy sports enthusiasts” audience to identify high-indexing locations in the client’s 9 priority markets to determine the media advantage. This resulted in 62 cable systems that would be used for the campaign.

24-hours following the RFP, Centriply analyzed data for 9 markets which yielded:

-245,566,753 Claritas Person Level Dataset…of which
-39,628,625 match the “outdoorsy sports enthusiasts” audience…covering
-857 ZIP Codes in the client’s priority markets…leading to
-53,896 lines of inventory reviewed…of which
-11,004 options were bought…in
-62 cable systems…filtered further by
-48 network options…with
-8 daypart choices


365% Average sales unit lift

9.55% of potential U.S. segments exposed to the campaign as “outdoorsy sports enthusiast" audiences

33.4% of ALL U.S. ticket sales generated from this segment


To be successful in today’s fast-paced, innovation-driven marketing climate, marketers need to use data-driven strategies that allow for targeted and scalable multichannel campaigns to reach audiences when and where they choose. In addition, it’s critical that accurate measurement and attribution technology provide real-time analysis of what’s working so they can improve what isn’t to continually drive better ROI.

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