Shell Oil and Gas

Shell Go+ Leverages AI Personalization


The multinational oil and gas company Shell partnered with Claritas to increase ROI on their marketing campaigns, drive lifts in app installs and registrations for Shell Go+ app. Shell sought to leverage Claritas’ AI Personalization (AIP) which uses unsupervised learning to discern how to align different creative and messaging across the consumer journey.


AIP is a creative AI optimization tool that works 24/7, in real-time, and provides businesses with explainable AI output, to understand how and why the AI aligned different messages with different people in different sequences. With AIP, Shell was able to optimize media targeting and creative to drive higher installs/registrations. Shell also saw an increase in the quality of the ad creative that contributed to higher Customer Life-Time Value (CLTV).


185%Lift in app registrations with AI on vs AI off.

8%Increase in app installs.

70%​Decrease in Cost Per Impression


AI can generate personalized content, such as ad copy, imagery mix and email subject lines, that is tailored to the individual needs and interests of each customer. This personalized approach makes marketing messages more relevant and engaging, leading to improved customer experiences and increased brand loyalty. Additionally, AI optimizes audiences by identifying key consumer segments with the strongest conversion rates.

The Evolution of DCO
Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platforms are great but require significant effort to set up and manage. AI Personalization is an evolved version of DCO, moving beyond traditional decision trees and if/then logic. It leverages significant creative variation for AI to learn, providing real-time AI decision making via data signals and generating cohorts on the fly. This advanced approach ensures a more efficient and effective marketing strategy.


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