Marketers enhance campaigns by leveraging Claritas’ demographic and behavioral insights combined with TomTom geospatial data.


Marketers are challenged to know more about their current customers and potential prospects. Likewise, customers and prospects are looking for a solution that meets their specific needs. The challenges are two-fold: 1) identify your marketing campaign’s target audience, specific to your industry and customized to meet your demographic criteria, such as household incomes, composition, age and culture, and 2) map your target audience to a geographical location.


Claritas offers thousands of syndicated audiences built from a robust list of demographic and behavioral attributes. This data enables marketers to identify their best target audiences, customized to meet their specific criteria. Once the audience is defined, the goal is to better understand where they’re located. TomTom’s location insights allow applications to draw boundaries and to target marketing campaigns to those geospatial target areas. TomTom partnered with Claritas to provide access maps, points of interest (POI) data and boundary data for census and postal boundaries.

-TomTom maps provide a geospatial reference allowing users to quickly visualize, interpret and analyze demographic data.

-TomTom administrative areas extend the functionality of the street map by providing boundary representations of census districts down to the most detailed levels.

-TomTom’s Postal District boundaries follow their streets and other features to ensure optimal representation and overlay

Block group level data estimates are created to produce demographic and segmentation distributions, rolled up to various geographic levels. This information can then be projected on a map to give clients a geospatial reference.

Claritas segmentation solutions, bolstered by TomTom geospatial data, will help companies find their best prospects, improve marketing execution and deliver superior ROI.

How Industry's Are Improving Campaign Effectiveness

Financial Services – Understand the location of very specific audiences for campaigns marketing retirement planning, college loans and wealth management products.

Insurance – Understanding of the types of insurers covering a specific area so competing offer campaigns are targeted appropriately.

Retail – Understanding a view of households with young children to target holiday season toy marketing campaigns.


Claritas’ vast demographic and behavioral consumer insights combined with industry-leading location data enables marketers with the deepest understanding of who, how and where to reach the best audiences for their campaigns.

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